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Ultrasound Treatment of Equine Tendon Contractures

equltrasound treatment of equine suspensory ligament

EQultrasound Pro Therapy continuous emission transducers (Red and Yellow) can be used to treat limitations in tendon extensibility, which often are the consequence of prolonged joint immobilization or injury.

Tendons are fibrous structures attaching muscles to bones and can contract or shorten when muscle or joint injuries occur. Collagen fibers become very stiff in a contracted tendon and this creates a problem also in normal weight bearing.

Continuous ultrasound emission increases collagen elasticity and it is very easily absorbed by structures rich in collagen, like tendons.

When associated with exercising EQ Pro Therapy can significantly increase tendon elastic properties. In fact by rising the temperature of deep muscle and tendon structures before or while performing stretching exercises, EQ Pro Therapy can promote tissue elongation and reduce the risk of fiber damage and tissue injuries.

To achieve normal elongation once again, it is necessary to heat the tendon structure to approximately 37°-40° Celsius (or 98°-104° Fahrenheit) and to manually perform static or repeated steady stretching exercises.

EQ Pro Therapy is the ideal tool for veterinarians and equine therapists to increase tendon temperature and flexibility without overheating the horse skin. In order to promote tendon elongation EQultrasound Pro treatment must be followed by manual stretching and gentle exercise (like hand-walking or walking in an underwater treadmill).


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