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The purchase of EQultrasound device and transducers implies full acceptance of these warranty conditions by the Buyer/User. If the equipment is sold by an authorized distributor, Buyer/User should refer to the distributor’s general warranty conditions. Please note that EQ Veterinary Technologies will honor only these warranty conditions and not the distributor’s conditions.

Warranty period starts from delivery date. EQ Veterinary Technologies guarantees the equipment against manufacturing and material defects. The device warranty is valid for a period of 24 months. Transducers are guaranteed only for the treatment hours assigned by the manufacturer to each hand probe. After 24 months from the transducer purchase date the transducer warranty will expire anyway, regardless of the amount of treatment hours still available. During this period EQ Veterinary Technologies will replace or repair for free any defective components, without having to replace the whole equipment. Device downtimes due to parts replacement or repair do not extend the 24 months warranty period. Shipping costs to send the equipment or the replacement parts to and from the assistance laboratories are not covered by this warranty. Replaced defective parts become manufacturer’s property. The customer has to give the manufacturer the necessary time and means to perform repair and delivery of replacement parts; otherwise the manufacturer will be exempted from any warranty obligation. EQ Veterinary Technologies is not to be held responsible if the device is used by unqualified personnel or for improper use of the equipment. In case of disputes, the only competent courts will be the ones in the manufacturer’s area. EQ Veterinary Technologies specifically makes no guarantees regarding the effectiveness of veterinary treatments performed with EQultrasound device and hand probes.

Warranty limitation and exemption of responsibility

If during or after the warranty period the general warranty conditions are not observed, EQ Veterinary Technologies will be exempted from any responsibility in case of damages connected to the items delivered. EQ Veterinary Technologies will not be responsible for any material damages or bodily injuries occurred if the equipment has been installed in non-compliance with the laws or regulations of your country, after an operation not specified in the manufacturer’s user guide and/or performed by unqualified personnel. Warranty is voided in the following cases: (a) if user manual instructions are not observed; (b) if the device is not maintained or cleaned properly; (c) if the device is connected to a defective or not grounded electrical line or to a line with a different tension from the one indicated on the equipment’s label; (d) if you use other transducers than the ones supplied by EQ Veterinary Technologies; (e) if you use other external power supplies than the one given by EQ Veterinary Technologies; (f) if you break warranty seals; (g) if unauthorized technicians attempt to repair, recover or modify the system; (h) if the device or transducers are accidentally damaged by operators or patients. If your device is not working properly and needs warranty service, please contact immediately EQ Veterinary Technologies or your authorized distributor.

Proprietary rights

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that all content and materials made available by EQ Veterinary Technologies, such as photos, designs, images, text, instructions, downloads, names and logos are the exclusive property of EQ Veterinary Technologies and are protected by United States and International intellectual property laws. Buyer may use, display and print content and materials made available by EQ Veterinary Technologies for noncommercial and personal use only. Buyer agrees not to reproduce or modify any content or materials made available by EQ Veterinary Technologies.