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Treatment of Joint Mobility Limitations

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EQultrasound Pro continuous emission transducers can be used to treat joint mobility limitations, which often are the consequence of prolonged immobilization, bursitis, tendonitis, scar tissue or adhesions.

When associated with exercising EQ Pro Therapy can significantly increase the joint range of motion. In fact by rising the temperature of deep muscle and tendon structures before or while performing stretching exercises, EQultrasound Pro Therapy can promote tissue elongation and reduce the risk of fiber damage and tissue injuries.

Continuous ultrasound emission increases collagen elasticity and it is very easily absorbed by structures high in collagen fiber, like joint capsules.

Joint structures are very often responsible for range of motion limitations and treating them with our therapeutic ultrasound makes it much easier to stretch them during exercise.

Furthermore, heating deep tissues while performing stretching exercises will increase the level of comfort for the horse.

In conclusion the use of EQ Pro Therapy in conjunction with stretching exercises is ideal for the rehabilitation of the joint range of motion, where joint movement has been inhibited by certain equine conditions.


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