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Common Applications of EQultrasound Pro Pulsed Emission Transducers

equltrasound treatment of equine suspensory ligament

The most common use for pulsed non-thermal ultrasound (Blue, Green, Grey and White transducers) is to facilitate healing in the inflammatory and proliferative phases following soft tissue injury (tendonitis, desmitis, bursitis, acute soft tissue injuries), but also to soften scar tissue and adhesions in order to increase restricted joint range of motion.

Generally speaking when a pathology is still in the acute phase it is better to avoid any form of heat. In this phase EQ Pro Therapy pulsed emission transducers (Green Transducer, Blue TransducerWhite Transducer and Grey Transducer) find their ideal application of use.

It is important to wait between one treatment and the other to allow time for the horse body to perform its own repair processes, which have been stimulated by the ultrasound treatment. Please note that the “more is better” theory does not apply to ultrasound therapy.

EQ Pro Therapy pulsed-emission transducers are used also for open wound healing. In fact fibroblasts respond to therapeutic ultrasound with an increased protein synthesis, stimulating and enhancing the normal healing process.

Pulsed non-thermal ultrasound is used also in sonophoresis or can be associated with other veterinary therapeutic techniques (PRP, stem cells, etc.) to determine a dynamic treatment approach aimed at optimizing rehabilitation and recovery time. In fact the acoustic pressure generated by EQultrasound Pro Therapy promotes deep drug diffusion and absorption, therefore optimizing both pharmacokinetics and drug action.

Pulsed non-thermal ultrasound can also be successfully employed to stimulate trigger points and acupuncture points.



cavitation micro bubbles


EQultrasound Non-Thermal Mechanical Effects

therapeutic ultrasound non thermal effects

Stable Cavitation and Acoustical Streaming Physiological Effects

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