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Stimulation of Trigger Points for Pain Relief in Horses

Please note this protocol should be used as a general indication for use. Power output and treatment time can be changed according to the subjective response of the patient.

shockwave hand probe for equine therapeutic ultrasoundTreatment
Stimulation of trigger points for pain relief in horses.

Hand Probe type
Apply SHOCKWAVE hand probe directly on the 4/5 trigger points you selected to treat.

Hold and press hand probe on the first trigger point for 10/15 seconds. Then do the same for the other ones. When finished, restart with the first one and re-do the whole sequence for 10 times total.

Pressure applied should change according to trigger point depth: the deeper the more pressure you need to apply.

Power output
SHOCKWAVE: 70-100%

When needed, not more than once a day.