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Treatable Equine Pathologies

Ttherapy ultrasound for horseshrough the use of six different hand probes, EQultrasound can treat the following equine pathologies:

Soft tissue injuries:


Bone pathologies:


EQultrasound non-invasive treatment produces also the following effects:

  • joint mobility improvement
  • improvement of tendons and ligaments elasticity
  • treatment of muscular pain and inflammation
  • treatment of pain and inflammation caused by bone proliferations, improving bone remodeling process
  • softening of scar tissue
  • stimulation of acupuncture points and trigger points for pain relief


The use of EQultrasound in conjunction with some traditional veterinary treatments enhances and accelerates the effects of such treatments. For example EQultrasound treatments can follow PRP injections (platelet rich plasma injections) or stem cell therapy injections to speed-up and aid tissue regeneration and repair.
EQultrasound can be successfully used in association with dorso-lumbar injection therapy, immediately after it and in the following days.
In any case the use of EQultrasound following an injection helps reabsorbing small hematomas and relaxes contracted muscles.

Please note that since EQultrasound is a powerful device, FDA requires it to be sold to licensed veterinarians or under veterinary prescription.

Please check Equine Ultrasound Therapy Contraindications page.