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EQultrasound Pro Therapy App Download

EQultrasound Pro Therapy App Download

Pleaseq-pro-therapy-app-applestoreeq-pro-therapy-app googleplaye note you can install the EQultrasound Pro Therapy App on your smartphone also NOT owning an EQ Pro unit, so you can see how the system works, check out treatable pathologies and access therapeutic guidelines with videos.


equltrasound therapeutic effect barHere are some features available only through EQ Pro Therapy mobile application:

Therapeutic Ultrasound Effect Bar going from red to green will enable you to monitor ultrasound absorption during treatment, enabling you to adjust your transducer application (speed and pressure applied) for optimized therapeutic effects.


eqltrasound pro app for smartphonesAssisted Treatment Modality lets you select which area of the horse you want to treat; it then suggests treatable conditions and show specific guidelines and videos on how to perform the selected treatment properly. Suggested power output and treatment time will automatically load on the treatment screen.

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