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EQultrasound Open Wound Healing

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EQultrasound can significantly accelerate open wound healing. In fact the stable cavitation and acoustical streaming generated by EQultrasound pulsed-emission hand probes (silver hand probes) play a significant role in closing open wounds.

Fibroblasts respond to therapeutic ultrasound with an increased protein synthesis, stimulating and enhancing the normal healing process.

shockwave hand probe for equine therapeutic ultrasoundThe normal acute inflammatory response occurs after the initial clotting response with vasodilation and invasion of white blood cells to the area which initiated repair. Within the white blood cells are mast cells which undergo degranulation and release histamine and other chemical mediators to form a coagulated gel in the injured area.

When ultrasound is applied in this phase, it enhances the degranulation of mast cells resulting in the release of histamine and other mediators that attract fibroblasts and endothelial cells to the injured area. This will later result in the formation of collagen-containing vascular granulation tissue.

Early intervention with ultrasound should result in an accelerated acute inflammatory phase, moving to a quicker entry into the proliferative phase and improving comfort of the patient.

Indications for EQultrasound open wound healing:flat silver hand probe for equine therapeutic ultrasound

  • IMPORTANT: make sure you clean the wound thoroughly and you open a new / sealed gel container in order to minimize the risk of infections.
  • use the Ultra-Focused Hand Probe for smaller wounds or the Flat Silver Hand Probe for larger wounds, applied directly on the wound. Make sure there is plenty of gel and that you do not apply too much pressure on the wound.
  • EQultrasound power output should be set between 30% and 40%
  • treatment time should be 7-10 minutes (but this varies depending on the total area of the wound).
  • one treatment should be enough, but if necessary repeat treatment the following day.


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