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EQultrasound Physiological Effects

therapeutic ultrasound treatmentUltrasound waves can be administered with two different modalities, depending on the desired physiological effects dictated by the equine pathology to treat:

  • continuous emission (EQultrasound Red Hand Probes)
  • pulsed emission (EQultrasound Silver Hand Probes)

The continuous emission modality is employed when heating of deep equine structures is desired. EQultrasound does not appreciably heat the horse skin but can significantly heat deeper tissues such as tendon, muscle, nerve, and bone. Continuous emission modality is usually employed for pathologies in the chronic phase or when heat is a desirable element (for example to increase soft tissue extensibility before active or passive stretching activities). EQultrasound Red Hand Probes feature continuous ultrasound emission.

In the pulsed emission modality the ultrasound wavetrain is interrupted at specific intervals (duty cycle). Pauses in the wavetrain occur to promote intense mechanical effects and so that heat can be dissipated by circulation. Pulsed emission modality is preferred to treat pathologies in the acute phase, when heat is an undesirable factor. EQultrasound Silver Hand Probes feature continuous ultrasound emission.

The mechanical non-thermal effects of EQultrasound include: stable cavitation, acoustical streaming, microstreaming and mechanical vibration (micromassage). Pulsed ultrasound emission should be employed when effects other than heat are desired.

The capability to produce deep heat, stable cavitation, acoustical streaming, microstreaming and mechanical vibration (micromassage) make EQultrasound a unique and innovative therapeutic device for the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal equine conditions.