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Deep Heat and Equine Stretching

low frequency ultrasound and equine stretchingEQ Pro Therapy treatments performed with continuous emission transducers (Red Transducer and Yellow Transducer) can produce a temperature increase in deep tissues, without overheating superficial tissues.

Ultrasound energy is significantly absorbed in tissues with high collagen content (cartilage, ligaments, capsules, tendons, fascia, scar tissue and tissue interface, like bursa and synovium).

EQultrasound Pro Therapy provides the ideal means to increase the temperature of specific equine structures without overheating the skin prior to stretching exercises.

The increase of tissue temperature before active or passive stretching enhances the effects of the stretch. Preheating connective tissue before it is stretched produces a greater residual increase in tissue length with less potential for damage.

Clinical studies demonstrate that if the temperature of deep tissue structures is increased by 5° Celsius by continuous ultrasound treatment, stretching exercises should be performed within three minutes to obtain satisfactory and durable results. Stretching exercises should be maintained for 30-60 seconds to obtain permanent soft tissue elongation. Stretching exercises lasting less than 30 seconds will only produce temporary tissue elongation.


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