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Deep Heat After Surgery in Horses

red transducer for eq pro therapyEQultrasound Pro treatments can be started a week after surgery. At first transducer should not be applied directly on the incision area, but just on surrounding areas. After skin is completely closed and stitches removed transducer can be applied also directly on scar tissue.

Ultrasound therapy can stimulate both angiogenesis and bone morphogenetic factors; it appears to induce the differentiation of the osteoblast and promote osteogenesis. Furthermore EQ Pro therapeutic treatments reduce pain following surgery; the effects appear to be on nerve fiber conduction.

The healing process following surgery very often leaves pronounced scar tissue and adhesions, which are made of generic connective tissue, rather than specialized connective tissue. This generic connective tissue is qualitatively inferior and adheres to skin, tendons, ligaments and bone.

Hypertrophic or keloid scarring and adhesions can compromise horse performance, because they can entrap nerves causing pain and consequently limiting normal joint range of motion.

Ultrasound energy is significantly absorbed in tissues with high collagen content, like scar tissue and adhesions. Scar tissue and adhesions are denser than surrounding tissues and thus absorb more ultrasound energy, allowing selective treatments.

Acoustic non-thermal effects generated by EQ Pro Therapy pulsed emission transducers (Blue, Green, Grey and White) help softening scar tissue and adhesions, while diathermy / deep heat generated by EQ Pro Therapy continuous emission transducers (Red and Yellow) increase local vasodilation, blood flow and soft tissue extensibility.



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