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EQultrasound Treatment and Hand Probe Movement

Please note that EQultrasound treatment must be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian after a full orthopedic and neurological check. The safety of the practitioner, patient and equipment should be considered at all times. Although EQultrasound treatments are completely painless...

Equine Ultrasound Therapy Contraindications

EQultrasound equine ultrasound treatment should NOT be performed on the following areas: head and eyes uterus and testicles heart area   EQultrasound equine ultrasound therapy should NOT be performed if the horse has any of the following conditions: phlebitis thrombosis...

Treatable Equine Pathologies

Through the use of five different hand probes, Equltrasound can treat the following equine pathologies: soft tissue injuries muscle strains abnormal muscle contractions muscle spasms muscle atrophy muscle dystrophy fibrotic myopathy tendonitis / tendon injuries ligament injuries...