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KENT ALLEN DVM, Certified in Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) – VIDEO


Kent Allen DVM ISELP

EQ Pro Therapy is a type of therapeutic ultrasound and it’s specifically low frequency therapeutic ultrasound, which tends to be much more useful and have fewer side effects associated with the therapy.
We’ve been using EQ Pro Therapy for various problems with our athletic horses’ rehabilitation and treatment since 2019.
We use it primarily for proximal suspensory and branch injuries in the athletic horse, but more recently I have done cases such as a biceps brachii desmitis and I have also done one that involves the ligament in the hind femur.
Normally you don’t need sedation, it just requires a little bit of contact gel and it is warming to them, so it actually feels quite good; it feels a bit like a massage that’s warming the tissues, so they tolerate it very well.
I have been very happy with the results; we’ve seen good results with tendon and ligament injuries and also in muscular areas up in the back.
One of the areas I have been treating lately on a horse is a superficial digital flexor cap on the calcaneous and this is slipping, and I have tried treating this with various other modalities and recently we’ve started adding EQ Pro ultrasound therapy and we’ve been pleased with the results so far. We are not done treating the case, but it seems very promising at the moment and we are looking forward to great results.
The machine itself comes with a variety of different probes designed to treat chronic and acute conditions. The machine is very manageable, quite small, easy to use, got a very nice software program and it comes with some useful recommendations on treatments for various parts of the horse and which probes to use, makes it easy to use and quick to integrate into your practice.
We have been very happy with the results, we have used it, like a said, ligametously and up in the back as well and have been very pleased.

Kent Allen DVM, Certified in Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP)