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Alex Rey DVM, MS – Rey & Associates Sports Medicine – USA – VIDEO



Alex Rey DVM“I have used the EQ Pro system since 2014 with excellent results. It’s a therapeutic ultrasound machine, and I I’ve had excellent results treating soft tissue injuries in horses from the acute side to the chronic side. We use it commonly in our practice to treat soft tissue after regenerative therapy and also treating horses with chronic soft tissue problems. The results are quite remarkable. Especially on the acute patients and on the chronic patients, treating horses that have had some sort of chronic changes like adhesions or chronic tenosynovitis, it works pretty good. I recommend EQ Pro to anybody. I think it’s a great system as a complement to other therapies that we commonly use in our practice. We use in conjunction with laser therapies. We use in conjunction or after treatment with regenerative therapies and along with shockwaving. I’ve found the EQ system works fantastic because you can use it in the FEI compound as an alternative therapy that can help the horses getting a better state pre competition. It’s a good tool to have access when you are in the FEI compound, which is so restricted. The nice thing about the system is that horses tolerate it, it’s completely harmless, it’s very easy also for the operator to manage the system. The most important thing, about any system, is the quality of the equipment. It’s an equipment that I’ve had since 2014 and I have never had to have any maintenance on it, it works fantastic and the support is really good. You deal directly with the right person, which is the owner of the company, so you cannot beat that!”

Alex Rey DVM, MS – Rey & Associates Sports Medicine – USA